Feed By Grace embraces ethical practices that preserve and strengthen the public’s view of our ministry. We are accountable not only to the people we serve, but also to our sponsors and donors who help make the ministry possible. Hence, Feed By Grace strives to be transparent with all our operations including governance, finances and programming. Good stewardship of funds are seen in the following Feed By Grace practices.
  • All financial transactions are recorded and recounted in financial statements.
  • Feed By Grace’s financial reports are reviewed regularly by the Board of Directors.
  • A summary of Feed By Grace’s financial health are submitted to the IRS and provided to the general public in 990 Forms.
  • Feed By Grace’s assets are protected by mitigating risk with appropriate liability insurance policies.
  • Any conflict of interests or appearance of same is managed by disclosure or recusal.
Creating a culture of accountability and transparency can also be demonstrated by a variety of policies and practices, that both Board and staff are aware of and review regularly, including: An overview of Feed By Grace's financial health can be found in Form 990, submitted annually to the IRS.