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Tatum Pictures 018Feed By Grace offers several ways for you or your group to meet the homeless guests of Unity Park and start new friendships. If you wish to serve a meal at Unity Park, please review Serving Food at Unity Park. After reviewing the possibilities, decide the service you wish to provide and contact our Coordinator by telephone or e-mail to schedule your time.

Games and Sports – Opportunities for fun and fellowship may be rare for the people of this community, so having Friends serve through sports and games are an incredible blessing. There is a sand volleyball court and a basketball court, as well as an area that horseshoes or croquet could be setup. Guests and Friends enjoy games of chess and dominoes, but be warned – only bring dominoes if you are prepared to lose!

Contests and Tournaments – Unity Park offers a contest each Saturday to our homeless neighbors to encourage participation and create a sense of community. Some Friends enjoy sponsoring the weekly contest. For example, if it is Bingo Saturday, the sponsoring Friend will distribute the Bingo cards, call the numbers, confirm a winner and provide the prizes awarded.  Prizes are usually Wal-Mart gift cards.

Mingling – Yes, we need Friends to mingle!  Grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of water, sit down and listen to someone’s story. Tell a joke and share a laugh. Have compassion and pray with someone who asks. If you are here at breakfast (8:30am) or lunch (noon), join our guests in line for a plate and then sit with them and share a meal.

Do you have an idea how you want to serve?

Friends with musical and artistic talent have chosen to share music and art with our guests. We have Christian bands, singers, and choir groups who have served. Friends have done sketching and portrait photography for guests. We have had Friends who come and give manicures to our homeless guests, bring a craft our guests can make, give haircuts, tell stories, serve snow cones, put on a puppet show, and a variety of other creative ideas. And yes, we have a certified therapy dog, Tatum (seen above) who comes to play and be petted.

Think outside the box! We are open to safe, fun, interactive activities!

The Paperwork
We ask that all Friends – individuals or groups – new to Unity Park are familiar with the orientation packet shown below. It is designed to acquaint new Friends with the needs of this particular community, Feed By Grace policies, and safety guidelines that must be followed at Unity Park. Individual Friends need to read the policies and sign the acknowledgement page. We do allow group leaders to read the policies, impart to their group the information pertinent to their service, and sign the acknowledgement page on behalf of the group. However, EACH person must read the Safety Guidelines and sign a Liability Waiver. This keeps our insurance folks happy! Acknowledgement pages and liability waivers can be turned to the Coordinator prior to serving via email or in-person at the Feed by Grace offices. They can also be submitted in-person on the first day when a new Friend serves. Thank you for cooperating with the paperwork. We guarantee it is only the first time you serve that we need it!

Policy Info for Group Leader- 2013                           Policy Info for Individual Friend – 2013

Safety Guidelines for Friends                                      Liability Form for Friends

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2 comments on “Meet the Homeless
  1. emily Coutu says:

    I was wondering if you think your homeless guests would enjoy some yoga classes! My main goal for going into yoga teacher training was to be able to provide the benefits of yoga to people that would not typically have access to it, so I would really love to get involved with you. I could teach anything from more athletic vinyasa styles to slow and gentle yin/restorative styles. If you think this could be a cool idea I’m all about doing some research to see if we could get yoga mats and props donated. Let me know your thoughts!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Emily Coutu

  2. Denise Magdale says:

    Hello there,

    I am inquiring about more details regarding meeting the homeless guests at Unity Park.

    It sounds like your organization schedules two mealtimes (breakfast and lunch) on Saturdays, along with games, contests, sports, etc. My question is do these events only occur on Saturdays?

    Our company would love to volunteer, whether that may be providing meals or fun interactive activities, but are only available to do so during the week, Mondays through Fridays.

    I look forward to your response!
    Thank you.

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