Mike Doyle

“Feed by Grace offers a vital service to the homeless population they serve. They offer them a chance to work and regain their desire for independence again.” Mike Doyle, Executive Director, Cornerstone Assistance Network

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Officer D. K. Eldridge

“Feed by Grace has created a common ground where people of all backgrounds can come and interact without judgment and provide encouragement and social support for one another. Feed by Grace has helped to create what had once seemed like impossible partnerships

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Otis Thornton

“Feed by Grace ministries is serious about building meaningful relationships with homeless people that lead to employment, housing and personal transformation. Feed by Grace volunteers and staff are outside every weekend working to provide hospitality and a place of safety

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Melinda Veatch

“Feed by Grace is a ‘where the rubber hits the road’ kind of ministry. It’s all about  meeting people on the streets right where they are and walking with them into a place of hope and new life. Folks at

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Grant Banks

“I was out on the street for six years and Unity Park offered me a sanctuary. I felt unconditional love. I was able to reconnect with God and hope, which got  me through what I was struggling with. It continues

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