Volunteer for Feed by Grace Ministries

Serving as a volunteer for Feed By Grace Ministries involves a level of commitment to see a project through or to assist over a period of time. Volunteers help the ministry function and allow us to offer some programs we could not do without your help. Contact our Coordinator at unitypark@feedbygrace.org or 817-744-8211 to discuss the possibilities. Park Beautification – We can always use help beautifying Unity Park for this community! If you or your group is looking for an opportunity to serve in this way, we can help arrange a specific project. In the past, we've had volunteers repaint the basketball court, weed the Memorial Garden, replace rotting wood with cinder block in garden beds, scrub down yard furniture, clean and rake the volleyball court, and build new picnic tables. Since we are a ministry, we are not usually in the position to provide supplies needed for these projects. So, for example, if you want to serve by planting flowers in the Memorial Garden, you would need to provide the flowers. Projects are done during the weekdays or in some instances on Saturday. Mentors - We have need for some special individuals to be paired with one of our homeless gardeners. A mentor volunteer builds a closer relationship with the gardener s/he is paired with, perhaps going to a movie together or having a piece of pie at a local cafe. Feed by Grace is working with Meals on Wheels to offer 'community service' for our gardeners by reaching out to isolated seniors. So the mentor would go with his/her gardener to visit the senior and bring them fresh vegetables from the garden, change a light bulb, and just sit and talk for a while. This unique program gives our homeless gardeners an opportunity to be in the role of "giver." The mentor volunteer positions requires a background check as well as a 3 month commitment twice a month. This work is done on Saturdays. Coffee Service - We need one or two reliable volunteers to oversee setup and the coffee service at Unity Park on Saturday mornings. Coffee service volunteers need to be at the park by 7:30am to get the tables and sound system setup and to start making coffee for our guests. The volunteers keep the coffee pots filled, inventory supplies needed, and assist with restocking toilet paper in the port-a-potties. Usually Friends serve the coffee, but in the event that no Friends are available we depend on Feed by Grace volunteers to get the job done. This work is done every Saturday and requires at least a 3 month (preferably longer) commitment. However, coffee service volunteers do work together to cover each other if one has a family commitment or vacation on a particular Saturday. Good with numbers or data? - Feed by Grace has need of volunteers to work in the office. It may include answering the phone, entering data into the computer, filing, or adding up receipts. These volunteers come in for a few hours during the weekdays when it is convenient to them. ALL VOLUNTEERS: We ask that all new volunteers read and sign a volunteer orientation packet. It is designed to acquaint new volunteers with the needs of this particular community, the mission of Feed By Grace, and safety guidelines that must be followed when working in the neighborhood. New volunteers should read the policies and safety guidelines and print off the acknowledgement page. Please bring the signed acknowledgement page and a signed Liability Waiver (required by our insurance) on the first day you serve. Policy Info for Volunteers - 2013  Safety Guidelines for Volunteers  Liability Form for Volunteers


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